The Magical & Mystical Mia

I love the potent community of magical women on Maui that come my way. Mia & I crossed paths at a Sacred Temple and quickly connected on a deep level. She & I share common conscious world views and we have had the opportunity to create together whenever we are in each others presence. We went on an adventure with the guys of WOLFCHILD to the west side of Maui. We were part of filming a music video for the musicians and while the sun was shifting over the Olowalu jetty, I began taking some candid pictures of Mia. Her beautiful curly hair was softly blowing in the wind that afternoon. The golden light just lit her up and I asked her to sink into a yoga pose out at this point over looking the ocean. The moment was powerful and graceful just like Mia. I am forever grateful for the impromptu happenings that come my way with this project and my openness to magic. If you want to know more about Mia, find her on Instagram @mysticmiiia … She just started a jewelry line that is worth your support!

Mia ~ I honor the Goddess in You ~ Always…

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