A Look Back at 2017

Maui Goddess Project is celebrating its first year of adorning, honoring and empowering women through visual imagery and connection. I am blown away by all of the beauty that unfolded and how touched I was by each story that was shared. I am looking forward to what 2018 brings to the women who are awaiting their sessions and the continuation of this very special project.

I honor all of the Goddesses in Each and Every One of You and All of those to Come!!!!

Much Aloha Always ~ Desiree

Calling in the Queen’s Love

It was so special to get a day with my dear friend Rachel who was visiting us from Oakland, California. She is an amazing photographer as well and she was more than willing to support the Maui Goddess Project by being my goddess for the day. I wanted to take her somewhere off the beaten path so I made a connection or two and we found ourselves at the Queen’s Pools. The water was rushing a bit as we skirted along the side of what used to be a more gently flowing stream. The energy was strong but the pools and waterfalls were definitely fit for a Queen. Rachel glowed in the jungle light and her adventurous spirit was a perfect fit for the trek we did together. We are blessed to have her in our lives and her radiance shined through the photos that day.

I honor the Goddess in You Rachel….

Much Love ~ Desiree

Stream Cleansing

Meeting with Celeste was an incredibly peaceful experience as we decided to walk into the fresh waters in Honopou Valley. She is an angel of the stones and brought beautiful crystals as an offering to the valley and bathed them in the stream. We shared a moment of prayer as she read about The Goddess Gaia and we sat taking in the breeze. We gave jacaradana flowers to the waters and connected about motherhood, self-identity and our passions. She is such a kindhearted woman who makes amazing crystal jewelry and has quite a collection of other gems and stones. Thank you Celeste for opening your heart to the Maui Goddess Project and enjoying a beautiful day at Flat Rock with me

I honor the Goddess in You CelesteĀ  ~ Much Aloha to you Always