The Warrior Within

I have worked along side Rachel for years and have also witnessed the last couple of difficult ones with her battle with cancer. It is always a shock when someone you know receives this news and it definitely brings things into perspective. She told me how much her community surrounded her with love & support and she was happy to tell me that she has been cancer free for over a year now. When I saw her back to work, I got a vision of her as a beautiful warrior, done with battle, and showing me what actual surrender is like. The fight is only half of the battle, the other is surrendering part of one’s self to truly gain victory. When she accepted my offer to participate in Maui Goddess Project, I was thrilled. As I tuned into where the photos needed to happen, I received yet another vision of her in a sacred, healing heiau here on island. This heiau is a place that is specifically for healing and rejuvenation. I honored what I saw and took her there. We had such an unforgettable experience together as the heiau was peaceful, warm and filled with blessings. She charged up her crystals, laid on the land and received an unexpected prayer and mini healing session from a woman who showed up while we were there. We were both moved to tears and left that sacred place knowing we were supposed to be there at that exact time, in that exact place. I then took her to a beautiful stream where she showed me the warrior inside and cleansed herself, a sword and swam with the beautiful dragonflies that showed up. I could not believe all of the magic that surrounded us that day. It was beyond anything that I could have planned or expected. When I asked Rachel how she felt now at this point in her life, she expressed that she felt lighter, more grateful and happy for the opportunity to continue on her journey. Thank you Rachel for our beautiful day together and being the wonderful soul that you are.

I honor the Goddess in You ~ Rachel

Much Aloha to You,