The Time for ReBirth is Now

As we approach 2020, the general feeling that I get for humanity as a whole is that it is time for totally truth and disclosure. Our true freedom will come as long as we are in our purest form of truth through our words & actions. Ariel and I continue to come together at very pivotal moments to nurture each other through Maui Goddess Project. She reached out and was ready to portray her truth with a fresh water cleanse in Iao Valley with a dear soul sister of hers, Ariana. The three of us went deep into the valley and just let the messages come. We were surrounded by our ancestors which we felt in the Ti Leaf and random rainbows appeared in the photographs during this time. The girls pulled cards and the last one pulled was a picture of goddesses together with the title “Conscious Connection”. Not at all a coincidence. Ariel went into the water to honor herself after writing things she wanted to let go of with a small fire ceremony. She vowed to love herself first and foremost so that she can call in the partnership that can nourish her. It was one magical moment after another and we all cleansed in the water together at the end. We came out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I am always so deeply moved by this project and feel grateful for the opportunity to continue to offer it.

I honor the Goddess in You ~ Ariel & Ariana

Much Aloha Always

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