I am Blessed by the Children

As I edit all of the amazing Maui Goddess Project sessions, I usually have a small audience of one very loyal fan…my five year old daughter, Isis Rose. She loves hearing about where I go and who I photograph. She loves looking at all the photos and watches as I blog. She has been asking me to give her a photo session in Iao Valley inspired by Yako’s Goddess Session. She then talked to her closest friend and they both approached on Easter Sunday at a party we attended. I told them I would and sure enough it all came to fruition. I picked them all up from school the other afternoon and the girls immediately asked for their Goddess Session together. We brainstormed on what they wanted to honor in each other and on the earth. They decided on looking at all the flowers on own property, picking a few and leaving them for the fairies in our Fairy Forest. It was one of my favorite sessions yet as they led me through our three acres and were so authentic with each other and with me. I am so honored to show the magic they created with very little help from me other than clicking my camera.

I honor the Goddesses in You ~ Isis Rose & Lucia

Much Love,


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